Is the Increase in Penis Size Permanent when Using Penis stretcher

Some studies confirm that penis stretcher are effective for the purpose of penis enlargement. When these devices, which are designed to stretch the penis for a number of hours everyday, are worn properly and used according to the maker’s specifications, they can also be safe. However, some may wonder whether or not the increase in size is permanent. Let us look at the evidence.

What is the principle behind these devices?

Let us look at the reasons why penis extenders are supposed to work first. The principle is quite simple. Just like the women who have been able to lengthen their necks by applying tension on this part of their body, applying traction on the penis can also cause it to lengthen. Exercising muscles also cause these parts of the body to become bigger.

Is there evidence that penis extenders really work?

A number of studies have shown these devices to be capable of adding to the length of the penis. In a 2009 study in Italy, participants used the penis extender for at least four hours a day. After six months, significant improvements in penis size were observed.

How can we be sure that the added size of the penis is permanent?

First of all, it is still too early to be really sure that the effects of penis extenders on penis size would be permanent. However, satisfied users have not reported that their organs have returned to their usual size. Moreover, in the 2009 study mentioned above, the researchers conducted measurements six months after the results were achieved, and it was found that even if the use of the devices have been discontinued, the results were maintained.