Here are the Benefits of Penis Extension

Today many people are still doubtful about their penis size. Almost sixty per cent of men are not satisfied with the size of their penis whereas 22% feel the size is too small to satisfy a woman.

Now what brings that self-doubt? Does it come from our partners?

According to latest studies, women are not much interested in the size of a penis. The study shows that women love the technique not the size of the penis when sex is concerned. It also shows that when she is aroused, her vagina stretches to four inches naturally. This means that even if your penis is four inches when erect, you will be more than enough to satisfy her. And since the normal penis size is 5.88 inches, the self-doubt is baseless.

My penis is not big as other guys

Your partner can give you often reassurance about your penis size but it is hard to overcome the self-doubt. After feeling too small for long time, it is very hard to reconstruct your views even with all the studies and statistics. And do you know the more you feel uncomfortable about your penis size, the more it will disturb your marriage life or your relationship.

What do you do to feel comfortable?

If you are not comfortable with the size of your penis, there are various ways you can use to extend the size. Some methods include penis pumps, penis exercises, penis extenders and penis enlargement surgery. Any of these methods can actually help you improve your size and eventually improve your relationship.

  1. Penis pumps. This is method of penis extension is a technique where a vacuum is created around your penis. When this is done, it causes blood to be drained into the penis. This will help the penis attain a very hard erection and in some cases encourage a small penis enlargement of about one inch.
  2. Penis extenders. This technique is similar to the one used in orthopaedic surgery. Penis extenders smear traction in your penis causing the cells to break away and multiply. When they multiply, your penis gains the following benefits.
    • Your size increases by some inches
    • It stops premature ejaculation
    • It Increase the flow of blood in the penis. This hardens your erection and improves your penis stamina.
    • It also reduces penile curves by 20%
  3. Penis enlargement surgerycan offer you with the following advantages:
    • Capability to control erections.
    • Increasing your size by an inch. When cutting of suspensory ligament is done, it prevents your erection form pointing up.
    • It controls the size of your penis size.
  4. Penis exercisesoriginate from the Middle East. These penis exercises include Jelqing and Kegel. They can both improve your penis size. Jelging consists of thirty four, 8 minute exercises. It is designed to increase blood flow and stretch your penis. It also boosts erection and also gives temporary gains of one to two inches. Kegel is an exercise done to reduce the risk of premature ejaculation. This is done by working out your pubococcygeus muscles in pelvic floor.

Improving the size of your penis is more than just having a large penis. When you train your penis and improve your stamina, you gain confidence when satisfying you and your partner.

Therefore if you are honestly concerned about increasing your penis size, then you should consider one of the above methods. With some research, you can easily find a method or a product that is best for you.