Can low testosterone production cause decreased libido?

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the human body, specifically in the testicles of men. Among many functions, it typically stimulates the production of sperm and regulates sex drive. It also helps in building bone and muscle mass. The production of testosterone generally decreases as men get older, and this brings along certain symptoms that cannot be considered to be favorable. The level of testosterone production peaks during puberty and begins declining after the age of 30. According to research, testosterone production reduces by 1% every year after the age of 30.

As testosterone helps maintain numerous essential bodily functions, the decline in level may lead to lower sex drive, less sperm production, difficulty in gaining muscle mass, more fat consumption, and increased production of red blood cells.

Testosterone and its effect on libido

This hormone doesn’t only fuel and sex drive and performance but also plays a role in the satisfaction a man gets from sex. Low testosterone can lead to symptoms of erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive, which may cause difficulties in a person’s sex life. Researchers haven’t yet found out how much of an influence testosterone has on libido, but it is known that the testosterone production starts to decline from the time the man reaches 30 years of age.

Libido varies widely between men, and what one may consider as high sex drive the other may think of as low. Also, testosterone is not the only factor that influences sex drive; stress, mood, sleep, opportunities for sex, all play a role in determining sex drive a person. Because of these reasons, it is almost impossible to define what level of sex drive constitutes as “normal”.

It’s important to remember that low testosterone is just one cause of lower libido. But it can be said for certain that when testosterone level hits a certain low, all men are bound to experience a decline in sex drive. In a study of men held in Massachusetts, the researchers asked men about their level of sex drive. Around 11% of men said that the feel their sex drive is lacking. Then, the researchers went on to test testosterone levels of those men and found out that 28% of men with low testosterone had a lower libido.

Consequences of low libido in men

Low sex drive: Testosterone plays an influence on a role in controlling sex drive in both males and females. While a decline in sex drive is common with increasing age, people with lower level of testosterone are more likely to experience a sharp drop in his sexual desire. This may hamper personal relationships and lead to trouble is in a marriage.

Difficulty in maintaining an erection: Those who have lower libido face problems with not only getting ‘turned on’, but also even if they do, it is difficult for them to remain in that state. Since testosterone stimulates sex drive and men, it also helps in achieving an erection by triggering certain brain receptors to produce nitric oxide. All this plays a role in the low level of libido.

Problem in relationships: Low libido can cause severe incompatibility issues among two partners, as one may feel the need to have sex multiple times a day while the other may not feel like having even once. It could also lead to issues related to performance anxiety, where the man might feel inadequate and less manly after failing to satisfy his partner sexually.

Lack of desire in pursuing relationships: Men who have lower libido may not have the drive to meet potential mates because a part of their sexuality is repressed. While this may not seem like a problem to the man, but over time it can take the strain on his life as he may miss out on having genuine companionship.

Is there a cure for low libido?

Thankfully, the cause of low libido can often be traced back to low testosterone production, psychological issues, hormonal causes, and medical problems. While all of these issues are treatable to some degree, the natural lowering of testosterone is something that is inevitable. If you feel you have lower libido because of any of the conditions mentioned, then get in touch with a doctor and get a proper diagnosis done.

Once the diagnosis is complete, proceed as per the physician’s instructions and take medicines as necessary. There are also foods that act as natural sex drive boosters, which you may take as preventive measures.