Can Penis Extenders Also Increase Girth

Penis extenders are small medical devices that are intended to increase the length and girth of the penis. A number of studies on the effectiveness of these devices have indeed shown increases in penis length. However, the question is whether or not there would be an improvement in girth too.

The idea behind the design of penis extenders

The idea behind the design of these medical devices has been known for thousands of years when man noticed that subjecting a part of the body to stress causes this part to adjust in size. Penis extenders are relatively new inventions, but they make use of an age-old concept and this is the ability of the body to respond to stress. One example of this is when an athlete develops stronger lungs and bigger muscles. The penis also adjusts in size when it is subjected to tensile stress for a certain number of hours everyday for a number of months.

What are the gains in penis size according to the studies?

Manufacturers of penile extenders have different claims as to the possible increase in size. This may well be the case because there are various factors that can affect the results. However, a better basis would be academic studies. These studies have shown gains of about an inch when the participants used the products for at least four hours a day for a period of six months.

But what about gains in penis girth?

According to some studies, there were no significant gains in girth although there were substantial increases in penis length. However, producers of these devices continue to claim that girth may also increase since there are multiple factors to consider.